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Beorma (i)

Home for Waifs and Strays will be contributing to Stryx’s informative exhibition that documents the origin of art galleries, art organisations and arts collectives that currently exist in Birmingham.
Friday 3 October, 6-9pm at STRYX

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Reboot – Birmingham / Leeds

Live Art Bistro and Home For Waifs And Strays will host one another, each in their respective cities of Leeds and Birmingham, as part of an intercity collaboration.
Tuesday 12 August, 6:30pm at Vivid Projects, Birmingham
Thursday 14 August, 7pm at Enjoy Project Space, Leeds

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DOM is an evening of performance and sound art to make the audience both enjoy and question the stereotypes of polish culture.
Saturday 21 June, 7pm at STRYX

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Coffee, Cake, Debate – The Poor Theatre

In this Coffee, Cake, Debate we will be delving into the notion of essence in a performance, a piece of art, or anything when you strip it right back to it’s barest state.
Monday 2 June, 5pm at HOME IS WHERE… Cafe Deli

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Four Letter Word

HFWAS presents a night of live art, music and film inspired by all things concerning love.
Tuesday 18 February, 7pm ’til late at The Actress and Bishop