The Initiative

Home for Waifs and Strays is a new live art initiative in Birmingham aiming to provide a centre, a hive, a meeting place, a constant, a home for artists local and from afar.

We want to provide support and encouragement to both emerging and established artists through opportunities to experiment, share ideas, form collaborations, show work and to use us as a sounding board to receive feedback and to work among others in order to push the boundaries and potential of their work.

Home For Waifs And Strays has been created to:

  • Form connections between Birmingham live artists, those across the UK and the world!
  • Make a contact point for artists to meet regularly and explore their own practice amongst other artists.
  • Provide opportunities for artists to show their work.
  • Form networks and collaborations between artists and organisations with complementary skills.
  • Host residencies to help artists further and challenge their work using our knowledge and connections in Birmingham to create the best experience for each artist.
  • Above all to create a home for live art in Birmingham, that is constant, accessible and progressive.

The life of a live artist can be one of a drifter. We aim to make a home for all artists and are not afraid for what will come. We want to hear your most ambitious ideas and to help make them possible. We want to hear your more simple ideas and make them happen too.

We shall also be programming our own shows, workshops and events.

Get in touch at any time to discuss what you would like to do and for any questions you would like to ask about what we currently offer.

T: 07825 345 906

We look forward to hearing from you!