Current Project – Live Screen @ The Herbert

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The Live Event

Many thanks to all the artists, volunteers and all who participated in making this event happen!

Photography by Robin Pugh @ Digital Trickery

Gaia Redgrave
‘The Ma of Equilibrium’

* Due to the nature of Gaia Redgrave’s performance you may find it more interesting to visit her Facebook group.

Vicky Roden
‘The Heimlich Sessions’

Edie Jo Murray
‘The Doppelgänger’

Gavin Thackray-Jones
‘Live Paint’

* Please note that the original stream had a soundtrack of 80’s songs which the artist was listening to at the time, unfortunately due to copyright issues we have had to remove it. So please feel free to listen to some 80’s music whilst you view this video.

Live Screen @ The Herbert is here!

On Friday 16th March come and see 4 brand new performances at The Herbert Art Gallery & Museum.

With the help of DASH and The Herbert we have commissioned 4 artists who have difficulty leaving their homes for periods of time due to disability, to each develop a new performance that will be streamed live into the Herbert Museum and Art Gallery, Coventry.

Through this project are endeavouring to push the boundaries of accessibility in creating and delivering performance. We hope to show that you can exhibit live performances by performers who find it difficult to be present using contemporary technology whilst maintaining quality audience encounters.

16 March 2018
7 – 10 pm
The Herbert Art Gallery & Museum, Coventry

The streamed performances will also be broadcast on our YouTube Channel live should you be unable to attend the live event. This can be found here:

For advice about using YouTube to watch the streams please download our YouTube Tutorial

The Performances:

Edie Jo Murray
The Doppelganger

Edie Jo Murray’s live screencast performance ‘The Doppelganger’ explores notions of identity in a digitised world. The normally one-to-one relationship between user and screen is pried open; exposing fractured traces of user 711392, evidenced through autofill predictions and targeted advertising.

Gaia Redgrave
The Ma of Equilibrium

One artist
Two persona
One performance
And an audience

Join the group to join the ‘game’ taking place at Live Screen at the Herbert, Coventry on 16th March 2018. (Breaks will be taken during this time).

Interact from your phone or from the laptop in the gallery or from the comfort of your own home. Be part of the performance.

The monkey mind by nature is a slippery character. A rational mind experiencing Asperger’s creates its own challenges, when interacting with each other this creates a mine field of a reality with all of its triggers, reactions and pitfalls.

The Ma of equilibrium is the interaction between two persona trying to maintain a balance of mind and physical body. Fill the spaces between the two persona with your questions, comments and other interactions. Communicate with both and experience a view of the mind.

Join the game, experience the process.

During the performance an imprint of the process will be made within the space so anyone that is not physically present at the gallery during the performance may also enter into the ‘spirit’ of the event. It is intended that a limited number of imprints will be available to purchase shortly after the event.

Click here to join the group.

Gavin Thackray-Jones
Live Paint

I will be painting live at this event and streaming into The Herbert Art Gallery & Museum, Coventry via a go pro to give my perspective when painting.

My current discipline is drawing and painting, which are on different scales of surfaces such as; paper and canvases. I draw and paint portraits, I produce visually stunning imagery through the application of paint as a collage.

My style has been influenced by my constraints and dexterity. My interest with American popular culture, 1980s iconography and cityscapes such as; London and New York grew from listening to and watching 80s music videography as well as extensive travel to New York.

My work aims to have a vibrant appearance to the surfaces and visual ambiguity. Furthermore, I do live streaming on Facebook and Instagram where people across the world can watch me in my creative state.

Vicky Roden
The Heimlich Sessions

Five performances drawn from the same set.

Five identities derived from 14-year-old forum interactions.

A joyous sonic celebration of the other, the odd and the unusual.

There have been several periods where, for various reasons, I felt uncomfortable leaving the house. During these times I often found online forums (including & to be my connection to some form of community where my fears of being perceived as an oddball, weirdo or freak were pacified.

Subsequent therapy sessions focused not on fixing what was wrong with me, but of accepting that I was alright. Eccentric, certainly. Queer, definitely. But no more flawed than anybody else. And absolutely not fundamentally defective as a human being.

So in celebration of the peculiar in us all, I’m making a 3 hour set based on the teenage tendency to play guitar in their bedrooms for hours, making band names based on forum conversations all those years ago. Including costume changes, ukuleles, electric fiddles, and acapella classics you can expect sets from:

Grote von Klappers (The Queen of Duisburg)


TripleKnobJoint with SnatchMembrane

Pigspingdle & The Swinging Dingleberries

Ore – Chasm

Join us at The Herbert for a proper gig atmosphere or online for such classics as ‘Longer Than Your Dick (pic)’ and ‘I’ve got a second floor fallout shelter (& I’ll give you the key)’.

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Introducing the Artists:

Edie Jo Murray


Edie Jo Murray uses digital media to explore notions of fluidity in perceptions of reality and self. Working largely with computer generated imagery and code, she considers variations of existence afforded by the contemporary digital landscape. These concerns are filtered through an experiential lens of reality distortion and neurodivergence, aligned with experiences of growing up immersed in technology and digital culture.

Gaia Redgrave

Gaia Redgrave_Lists_FEMME5

Since graduating in 2012, I have focused my practice on performance. I am specifically interested in enabling the audience to experience the performance rather than simply view. Using word, I aim to influence them to feel, question or understand a particular issue or situation. Feedback in the form of individual reaction is important to me allowing the created to become real within those present. Concepts, processes and personal experience feed my work to the point that the process, and the experience of, and any new understanding arising from, is the primary reason for creating and delivering the piece. The performance can often be described as an installation of words due to the resulting experience.

Gavin Thackray-Jones


My current discipline is drawing and painting, which are on different scales of surfaces such as; paper and canvases. I draw and paint portraits, I produce visually stunning imagery through the application of paint as a collage . My style has been influenced by my constraints and dexterity. My interest with American popular culture, 1980s iconography and cityscapes such as; London and New York grew from listening to and watching 80s music videography as well as extensive travel to New York. My work aims to have a vibrant appearance to the surfaces and visual ambiguity. Furthermore I do live streaming on Facebook and Instagram where people across the world can watch me in my creative state.

Vicky Roden


I’m a Birmingham based multi-disciplinary artist working in a variety of media including textiles, embroidery, taxidermy and in particular Live Art. Primarily focussing on the sinister, mythological and archaic much of my work explores death, ritual, and traditionally powerful female figures such as eccentric adventuress, the staunch pub landlady and the maiden aunt. My work aims to manifest these eccentric elements into the everyday, and I often find one to one performance and uncanny soft sculpture are particularly effective in creating a slightly other-worldy yet entirely tangible basis for audiences to engage with.
I have been a selected artist for New Art West Midlands exhibiting at The Barber Institute and Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. I currently have work on display in the BMAG ‘Mini Museum’ and am currently managing the studios and overseeing the relaunch of The Wig at Gt Tindal St, Birmingham.

The Mentors

Each artist has also been paired with one of the following mentors to help develop their practice.

Craig Ashley

Craig is a curator and producer based in the West Midlands, and has recently taken up the post of director of New Art West Midlands. In his previous role as Visual Arts Producer at mac birmingham, Craig developed, implemented and oversaw delivery of the visual arts programme following completion of the arts centre’s £15m redevelopment. Collaborating with curators from the region and beyond, Craig has commissioned and produced a number of exhibitions for mac including Disrupted (2015), a group exhibition curated by Noëmi Lakmaier and co-commissioned with DASH (Disability Arts Shropshire), exploring awkwardness and notions of disaffection and alienation in familiar civic spaces. As a curator, Craig works closely with artists on exhibitions, residencies and publications. Notable projects include Vered Lahav’s The Garden (2013), pondering migration and the notion of homeland, and Qasim RIza Shaheen’s The last known pose (2014), a retrospective featuring works exploring the gaze and the guise alongside new work co-commissioned with Cornerhouse in Manchester.

Mandy Fowler

Mandy is an experienced Independent Consultant and Curator, working with organisations and artists to develop, deliver and evaluate visual arts projects. She has developed the vision and models for visual arts projects for clients such as the Canal & River Trust, Historic England and internationally for the Library of Birmingham photography archive project Grain and has evaluated the impact of visual arts projects working with many national venues. Mandy is also a board member for the Welsh art gallery Oriel Davies.
She is currently working on curatorial projects with a number of artists including Tanya Raabe-Webber.
Mandy has an interest in artistic practice development and is an experienced mentor. Through mentoring Mandy has helped artists to develop their networks, consider opportunities available to them and look at their business models.
She has an academic background in contemporary art theory, museum studies and heritage and has a particular specialism in working with artists working with museum and heritage collections and contexts and within the public realm.
Mandy regularly works on a consultancy basis with DASH, assisting them to develop projects and evaluate their work.

Ben Fredericks

Ben is an independent artist and producer. As a producer he specialises in developing emerging artists; helping them to develop projects, fundraise, exhibit their work, raise their profile, and develop strategies for building a sustainable career.
Ben worked for Shape Arts, a disability-led arts charity, for over 9 years, leading top artist development programmes for disabled artists such as the Adam Reynolds Memorial Bursary and the Shape Open. He has worked on commissions and residencies with a wide range of artists, from sculptors to performance artists with a specialism in moving image. He developed the Ilham exhibition at the Museum of Islamic Art, Qatar in collaboration with the British Council where four UK based disabled artists were commissioned to produce new works for the exhibition he co-curated, which received over 10,000 visitors in the first week. He has also developed exhibitions, consulted on access and facilitated residencies for disabled artists for the likes of the Tate, Spike Island, and the Camden Art Centre.
As an artist his work is concerned with ethics and mainly uses moving image that is highly influenced by theatre. His new work explores interactive narrative through new Virtual Reality technologies.
Some of his work can be found on

Tanya Raabe-Webber

Tanya is a practising Visual Artist, specialising in contemporary painting, devising artworks, running workshop and residencies with Deaf and Disabled people nationally and internationally, exploring and challenging the notions of identity, a disabled self in a disabling world.
In 2010 Tanya was the Winner of Ability Media International Award-Visual Arts and in 2008 she won the DaDa International FestivalVisual Arts. But most recently, Tanya was shortlisted for National Diversity Awards; LifeTime Achievement Award.
Tanya gained a BA (HONS) in Graphic Design at Leeds Polytechnic, an MA in Communication Design at Manchester Metropolitan University as well as a PGCE in FE-Special Education .
Tanya has exhibited as a solo artist and in many group exhibitions nationally.

About the organisations:

Home For Waifs And Strays (HFWAS) are a Live Art initiative based in Birmingham. They have
worked with emerging artists through open call platforms, commissions, workshops, mentoring
and critical discussion groups. They have also used live stream in two events to showcase
performance from artists in different countries directly into venues in Birmingham.

HFWAS ran ‘Homegrown’, a development project for emerging artists in the West Midlands in
2016. This ran for four months and supported six artists by providing mentoring, rehearsal space,
a tour of the work across four UK venues, workshops and financial support.

Home For Waifs And Strays (HFWAS)

DASH has been a Disability-led arts organisation since 1992. They have led many artist
development programs and worked with organisations to improve the way they facilitate the
needs of artists who have varying disabilities through training projects, symposiums, partnership
and consultation.


Herbert Art Gallery & Museum is managed by the Culture Coventry charitable trust. Culture
Coventry offers inspiring and welcoming activities where the diverse communities of Coventry can
explore and celebrate culture and identity. Building sustainable and authentic relationships with
their audience and the people they work with. Through a vibrant, innovative programme they
create and host lively events which enrich the experience of visitors. They aim to stimulate
curiosity, and provide playful learning opportunities throughout everything they do.

Herbert Art Gallery & Museum

This project is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England and with the help and generosity of DASH Arts and The Herbert Museum and Art Gallery.

For more info about Arts Council please click here – Arts Council England