The Launch

Bruno Schlatter | Vicky Roden | Kimberley Emeny | Ed Wakefield | Rachel Parry | Daniel Holmes | Priya Saujani | Joseph Hill | Timothy James Pratt


Bruno Schlatter (aka King Bruno)

launch 01

Bruno is the king of a micro nation called Noseland, situated in Schöftland area of Switzerland. The state was created toget out of Switzerland, back to the UN! Towards the exemplary world state, where an anarchist monarchy can rule. All can become King.

Bruno is the founder of Nosenoise, noselands art company, and a lecturer in visual arts at OSA Aarau. Together with FWD>> they hold the Noseland International Art Festival



Vicky Roden

launch 02

Nonny’s Favourite Modern Fables (A Bedtime Story)

When Nonny Warn first encountered this particular temporal plane she made a beeline for the tales. She was disappointed.

“What is all this? Vampires who sparkle? Vlad would be spinning in his grave, if he could stay dead for more than ten minutes altogether. From what I can see there’s no carnage or decapitations. What’s the point of a tale without carnage and decapitations?”

Luckily the lovely fellow at the independent bookshop showed her a copy of American Psycho. A few trinkets changed hands, and she’ll be reading her favourite chapter to see us all off to bed.

Nonny Warn is a performance by Vicky Roden.

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Kimberley Emeny

launch 03

Kimberley Emeny is a multi-disciplinary artist and curator based in the North East of England. Emeny’s performance work examines vulnerability, alienation, ritual and the female biological cycle and it’s sociological ramifications. Much of Emeny’s work is autobiographical, exploring and revealing unconscious motivation. In her live work she uses her body as a landscape to create symbolic images opposing western concepts of normality, confronting social anxieties and pushing through personal boundaries, using body modification and props.

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Ed Wakefield

launch 04

Ed Wakefield’s practice revolves around the construction of narratives and myth making. Via a series of characters he is building a framework for a legend. Questions of authourship and unreliable narrators come into play, via humorous, dark and occasionally disturbing prose and poetry.

Most recently he has turned his attention predominantly to collage, yet performance remains a vitally important element of his practice, with the raw energy and unexpected dynamics of audience engagement ever drawing him back in.

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Rachel Parry

launch 05
Image by D. Sillitoe

“If the skin were parchment and the blows you gave me were ink…”

Rachel Parry is a multi-disciplinary artist and arts producer based in Nottingham. Parry predominantly makes work that flows in and out of the margins of Live Art and Performance Art.

For the launch Rachel will be presenting an installation piece titled ‘Black Box’

“Live Art enables me to embody the language i want to speak in. I quest to immerse the audience in my minds eye, to utilize visual into experience, to ask often difficult and demanding questions. Sometimes cloaking the tragic with humour and exposing my dressed up ‘self’ to hold up the awkward mirror to us all. I feel this kind of art should be used as a social-political soundboard to provoke a change in consciousness or at least explore the shadows – as we gain blindness to the light.”

Official Website | Little Wolf Parade | I’m Not From London | Blacklit Studio


Daniel Holmes

launch 06

Daniel is an a HE student studying performance in Bristol. Over the past year he has become very interested in Live Art and has begun exploring it in his work. Thematically  he is currently interested in exploring ideas around perfectionism and obtaining perfectionism.

The work Daniel will be performing at the launch is titled ‘Have A Heart’ and in short it is exploring an old Norse ritual where warriors would eat the brain of their fallen enemies to gain their knowledge. He is exploring the idea of gaining the qualities of others through the act of consuming them, so to become closer to perfection.



Priya Saujani

launch 07

London-based performance artist Priya Saujani works with the condition of gender and its appearance, the tension of national identity and a kind of alter-feminism through the ‘provocative’ scenario. Her work finds root in engineered live art situations that highlight her biography through an interstice of inverted cultural stereotype, knowing, unknowing and intimacy.

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Joseph Hill

launch 08

Joseph is a multidisciplinary artist based in Birmingham. His work ranges from performance and video to sculpture and painting, exploring recurring existential themes of individualism, interaction, loneliness, and the ‘Other’. Collaborations with Alastair Flindall’s ‘The artist’s playground’ troup, in Manchester, as well as performances as part of the [STATE] series of exhibitions in Birmingham have inculcated a sense of the importance of others, and the ‘Other’ in Joseph’s work – staged, and spontaneous interactions are of prime importance to his performative works.



Timothy James Pratt

launch 09

Timothy is currently studying film but also has an interest in working with live performance and has documented work at events such as [STATE]. He is constantly working to gain experience by collaborating with performers and documenting as many live events as possible.